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Who do you tell your stories to? (1)

Published August 6, 2012 by pettpeeve212

My Mother was born in 1924.  She didn’t share many memories of her life before me.  My Grandmother filed for a divorce from my Grandfather in 1929, after which she remarried.  I believe her second husband was the reason my Mom found it either too difficult or too painful to share childhood memories.  Here is one she did talk to me about….

It was the start of a new school year in a new house for Mom.  I’m not sure of her age, but I believe it to be under 10 yrs of age, so it was no later than 1934.  In 1934 her new school was a one-room schoolhouse.  She was nervous and excited to be attending a new school.  For her first day, Grandma had made a very special lunch.  Sandwich, milk, an apple and homemade cookies, all carefully packed in a graham cracker box, with extra to share.  All morning, the little girl in the strange school looked forward to her special lunch that had been packed with love and care.  Lunchtime came and when she opened her lunch, instead of all of her homemade treats, the box was filled with graham crackers.  She was so disappointed, she could barely keep from crying. 

Mom retold this story with an amusing slant but I can’t help but see that little girl, so disappointed and slightly lost.  My Mom has been gone for nine years now and I think of her often.  I look back on what she shared with me of her childhood and wish they had been happier.